Mirror 3D panel

Mirror and decorative 3D panel

For most people the election, other than a tasteful and modern vision of life, a question about the design of the interior design firm WallDi can offer a truly unique solution. Such a solution is a 3d mirror panels. Yes, do not be surprised unique technology that has no analogues in the world becomes available to the citizens of Ukraine. Find something similar on the sites of other companies or in the neighbouring house is simply impossible. Today it is so unusual and new decor element that is surprising even for many designers. In fact, this is a huge step forward in the field of interior design, fairy tale, which is becoming closer and more accessible to the manufacturer mirrored panels by 3d WallDi. Our experts can make 3d mirror even on your sketch. We are cut base of the mirror. While space of imagination to find the configuration of the future incomparable (in the truest sense of the word) mirror, is not particularly limited.

Absolutely any form can become a reality. Also, the master-manufacturers may suggest the most optimal configuration of the mirror. Three-dimensional mirror panels are made on a similar technology that is used in the manufacture of conventional mirrors. On the basis of applied curly silver amalgam, which acts as a reflector. In this case, a thin silver layer which is applied on top of the copper, which serves as a protective layer. Instead of copper may be used other special chemical compounds with similar properties. On top of the varnish is applied that holds this spraying and protects it from mechanical damage or wear. Amalgam can be with different shades. Thus, the firm produces WallDi mirrored chrome panels that fit perfectly into the interior design minimalist style or high-tech, even the style of fusion can be perfectly complemented by these chrome mirror panels. If the design of the room is designed in classical style, then according to the customer specialists can produce gold plated decorative panels that will give a solid luxury and become a real highlight of the decoration of the room.

In principle, without reference to design interiors use effects such as decorative chrome or gold-plated decorative mirror panels for the bulk can significantly, but with an elegant chic to transform a room, whether it's a house or a hotel, restaurant, office. Volumetric mirrors - this is a great decoration of the hall or living room, subtly emphasize the stylish furniture or repair. In addition, these mirror panels may themselves act twist that around which is built and the concept of future repairs or design space. Application of volumetric mirror panels and possibly in bathrooms or indoor pool.

Moisture such a mirror is not terrible. Caring for such panels is also not difficult. To chrome decor less influenced by the environment, it is treated with a special compound still at the stage of production. Later, the owner of such bulk mirror panels just need to periodically shake the dust off them, and wipe with a soft cloth with a special gentle detergent composition for mirrors or other delicate materials. Chrome decor to buy is worth at least for the sake of unique, important tastefully decorate the room neizbity or hateful details. However, chrome inlay manufacturer in widespread not yet acquired. But this is only the hands of its uniqueness and originality.

Prices for chrome decor Kiev compared to other similar panels slightly higher, but their unrivaled aesthetic effect is worth it for all the best and newest to pay, agree. Order chrome decor Ukraine will not be a problem on the site of the company WallDi and for residents of other regions of our country.






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