To date, 3D panels are fresh neizbity decision to give style and refined elegance concise any modern interior. If you are also concerned with the search for new solutions in the decoration of their homes, want something practical and unusual, you should also pay attention to the three-dimensional finish and buy 3d plaster panels. In Europe, have long appreciated the convenience and aesthetic appearance of finishing materials. And the people of European countries have long used these panels to set off and decorate the interior design new forms in the trendy 3D format. Naturally, since the Europeans simply obsessed with security, and in choosing the decor of their homes, they prefer only safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials and details. Those details are gypsum and 3D panel.

As you know, gypsum absolutely safe and environmentally friendly material. What more could you want in the search of finishing elements for your home? By the way, plaster-like material for finishing and decoration of premises known since ancient times. Even the ancient Romans and the Italian masters of the building and decorated their homes with beautiful stucco forms of gypsum. It is these forms of stucco and plaster became the prototype of today's 3D panels. 3d made panels for walls WallDi company of high quality raw materials refined, quality controlled. For their manufacture were purchased in Europe the latest high-tech equipment. This indicator and further affects the appearance and durability of the panels.

3d plaster wall panels are highly resistant to factors that affect the life of such elements. For example, a great influence on the interior decor has a high humidity or vice versa dry air, the room temperature and the temperature difference between the inner and outer walls, even drafts and insulation of the facade of the house. All these factors have a major impact on the quality and durability of the new service. Remember, even those familiar wallpaper and eventually begin to lose its original form under the influence of certain conditions. 3d decorative panels are not only well tolerated by the above conditions, but also are highly durable. Moreover, as proof of their stability, we can say that such panels can be perfectly warm corner room walls or decorate with plaster panels 3d area front door. 3d plaster panels in the interior can be used to hide the irregularities of the walls, plaster or cracks unsuccessful. But even apart from that, they can serve as a beautiful accent in the design of your home. For example, gypsum board 3d wave could not be better to look at the head of the bed in a small studio apartment or perfectly set off the interior of the living room, especially when combined with a cozy soft muted light. 

3d panel of plaster and can serve as a stylish finish concert halls, art studios and restaurants. Three-dimensional panels are fairly simple to mount and do not require special care. So they are glued special adhesive composition (adhesive may be used for porcelain tiles) on a plastered wall, and may additionally be painted to match the color scheme of the interior room or preferences of owners.

Separately, we can say that the cost of such panels are not very high and may vary depending on the manufacturer and the panel itself. The more complex and more voluminous pattern, the higher the cost per square meter. To learn more you can simply select "gypsum 3d wall panels price" in the catalog or on the website of the manufacturer. 3d trendy bar you can buy or building hypermarkets or, more conveniently via the Internet. Just staying at home, consider all possible options of volumetric drawings and order the right amount of liked panels. It is necessary to specify the search line "3D panel Kiev" and the hour is possible to find the right contacts. For residents of other cities of the country will be more relevant query "3d panels Ukraine." The site of the company WallDi may also order the production of the 3D panel, taking into account characteristics of the area that needs finishing with subsequent delivery and installation.

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