The most modern design, gives a unique and original finish premises, may be called 3d panel. 3d technique that creates a three-dimensional drawings and images gained popularity recently. But quickly began to gain momentum in popularity in various fields and industries. The same revolutionary changes came in the world of interior design. Appearing on the CIS market relatively recently, 3d wall panels found a buyer. After all, people are always looking for something unusual and want something to stand out, even in such a matter as the home decoration.


Use 3d panel in the interior can be for any premises. They can even make out the bathroom and kitchen without fear of moisture or dirt. To this end, the panel simply treated with a special protective structure and can last for a long time part of the decor. 3d decorative panel made of different materials. Successfully applied ecological, safe and natural gypsum and wood panels can also be made of MDF profile (not conditioning waste wood, mixed with the adhesive composition and pressed into plates of different densities). 3d panels made of gypsum plaster statuary which is characterized sterile environment. Therefore, it is not easily influenced biological processes (fermentation or putrefaction, for example) and it can not be got pests or mold. The panels are made of gypsum and convenient to use, for their installation requires no special effort, and can be painted in different colors even when the next repair. The joints of the panels can be easily made invisible three-dimensional painting is a one-piece elegant look. In principle, 3d mounted on the wall panels in two ways. Usually on a flat surface prepared, they can be glued with special glue, or if the wall is not smooth or has a profound defects, use skeleton mount. The framework itself can be either of wooden slats or aluminum profiles. Such profile attached to the wall with screws and have them mounted panel with 3d pattern.

Decorative 3d wall panels can be not only bright accent the living room, but also perfect for decorating private offices, large offices, hotel halls, concert halls and restaurants. In general, it can be argued that such a panel would be indispensable decoration element where there is a need to create a superior design. They can act as part of any interior, and its highlight, to which will be already chosen other elements of the decoration of the room. Unique features and different 3d MDF panels. Compared with plaster they have more presentable, luxurious look, but at the same time, compared with wood paneling, much cheaper. But outwardly distinguished panel of MDF natural wood will only professional. To give such panels naturalness front side panels with a pronounced pattern and texture coated with a special laminating film. This film may have different shades and create the illusion of using a variety of valuable trees. By the way, these panels are made of durable wood species like beech and ash, can be found such panels and bamboo. A misconception is the fact that the 3d panel for kitchen or bathroom decor is not a suitable option. Modern materials that cover all types of panels, perform protective functions and prevent bulky panels from moisture and dirt. Therefore, even in the kitchen, you can safely use a trim interior. The only thing you need to know and remember - wooden panels and MDF panels can not be placed in the working surfaces or plates. But for the dining area such panels will perform a wonderful design. Order and buy 3d panels of different materials, please visit the company WallDi.

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