WallDi company for some time is a familiar face among similar firms in the market of designer interior decoration. Highest quality and most modern materials, such as MDF sheets, are made available to the consumer. A new trend in the world of design was the use of 3d design of the interior.

3d MDF panels are an excellent alternative to conventional wood panel. MDF board, which is made of 3d panel - is compacted pulp consisting of sawdust and shavings of wood, which after mixing with adhesive, such as paraffin, pressed into special sheets of fibrous texture. This material is durable and easy to use, and its high consumer quality and fairly low cost of attracting more and more attention for applications in various fields of construction and repair work.

Divided 3d wall panels for a few species. There tselnopressovannye 3d panels, they have a smooth face and are used in the furniture industry. For their production is not conditioned material pressed wood industry with an average density under high temperatures. Laminated 3d wall panels differ from tselnopressovannyh covering the front of the special protective transparent film. They are more resistant to moisture and low mechanical stress. Due to the laminating film panels become more and more consummated natural look. Also, the laminating film may be of different colors, which gives the panels an even greater resemblance to natural wood. The third type - it is moisture resistant decorative 3d wall panels. Compared with the first two types, water-resistant panels have a greater degree of density. For the production of these panels most pressed wood fiber quality under high thermal exposure for a long time. These panels have good sound insulation performance and have a low hygroscopic properties and a high degree of strength. Thus, water-resistant decorative wall panels are especially in demand for the decoration of bathrooms and an indoor pool. It is absolutely environmentally friendly material is well suited for a stylish designer kitchen design. However, for the decoration of the past, the use of 3d panels for the kitchen in the working area is contraindicated, but they are ideal for the stylish dining area. Also, in addition to the aesthetic component 3d decorative panel more practical solution to hide the flaws on the walls. You can hide them under the Communications and wires, as they are ideally conceal irregularities on the wall. 3d panel mounted on the wall in two ways - glue and frame. Thus, the adhesive mounting method is suitable for mounting on flat panels prepared surfaces. The second method, the frame is applied to the case if necessary to hide under the communication panels or wall defects. In this method, the panels are mounted on wooden or galvanized profile attached to a wall. When buying 3d panel MDF price depends on several factors. Have a great influence specifications panels (strength, resistance to mechanical stress, moisture resistance, service life). Also affects the cost of decorating the face of the panel with the use of special effects such as the effect of aging or panel plating. Even it is possible to order the production of decorative wall panels, taking into account the special wishes of the client, up to the application to the surface of the photo. For such projects, interior design decorative wall panels to buy, you need to calculate the number, and not on the basis of a specific area. Therefore, wall panels price is directly dependent on the wishes and preferences of the client. But it's worth noting that a wide range of finishing materials makes them available to the purse of almost any thickness. Buy decorative wall panels Kiev you can just have the manufacturer. Do not make the complexity of buy and decorative wall panels Ukraine. The site of the company can be WallDi wide range of available panels and order in any region of the country.

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