Instructions for installation of gypsum panels 3d Installation of 3d wall panels of plaster requires certain skills and practices of professional work with such materials. For proper installation should take into account such factors as: wall material (drywall, wood, concrete, brick, OSB, etc.) and its condition; choice of adhesive materials to ensure effective adhesion between the panels and the wall; fektyvnoyi adhesion between the panels and the wall; method of installation; selection tools (which allow for surface preparation prior to installation) method, equipment and machinery mount the panels on different surfaces; choice of material for the primer surface; the choice of finishing coatings, the method of its application, etc. This manual provides general advice on installation. To achieve the best results it is recommended to use the services of professional builders of decorating indoors. 1. Prepare the wall, make sure the wall on which is expected Installing 3d decorative panels have a smooth surface. If there is Inequalities than 4mm, align the wall with plaster filler. 2. Walls should be well prohruntovani. 3. The surface should be flat, dry and clean. 4. The panels can not be installed on a door or window. Calibration gypsum panels to size or necessarily performed Sandpaper; hacksaw on metal; Pad-saw with a fine tooth. When mounting the panels work in a corner room, the panels are cut at an angle of 45 degrees And the picture is not dropped. Spend stood wall to meet the location setting panels of furniture and interior design in general. Complete preliminary layout of panels on the floor. This will allow to finally present komponovkumalyunka. If the panel provided numbers, please install the panels accordingly. To install the first panel, set against the wall (horizontal) fixing profile, which will hold the first row. Fixing profile should be a minimum thickness of 2 cm. Some of 3d decorative panels to be installed using pre-prepared cardboard constraints. Choose cardboard constraints based on the desired width interpanel seams (inwithin from 0.5mm to 10mm). Install panel horizontal rows from the bottom up, starting with the left. Install the first row of panels and wait for drying the adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions. Panels can be installed using adhesive putty plaster, gypsum glue (with significant irregularities wall more than 4 mm) or with fasteners. For fixing using fasteners can be used screws and dowels. For solid walls using traditional screw-plug kits. Size and Self dowels in specific cases is different. For drywall their special kits. Making sure that the first row elements firmly fixed, continue the installation until all the rows of panels are installed, as shown in the figure. If necessary, trim panels in accordance with the height of the ceiling. Use ordinary saw and sandpaper (grain 120). The panels can be painted with acrylic, latex, latex paint, Nitroenamels and textural colors. Pre prohruntovani panel should be to reduce the cost of paint. Painting is made using a spray gun, roller, brush in two or more stages, that the paint is applied in several layers. After drying the first (base) layer is applied a second coat of paint.

WallDi company for some time is a familiar face among similar firms in the market of designer interior decoration. Highest quality and most modern materials, such as MDF sheets, are made available to the consumer. A new trend in the world of design was the use of 3d design of the interior.

3d MDF panels are an excellent alternative to conventional wood panel. MDF board, which is made of 3d panel - is compacted pulp consisting of sawdust and shavings of wood, which after mixing with adhesive, such as paraffin, pressed into special sheets of fibrous texture. This material is durable and easy to use, and its high consumer quality and fairly low cost of attracting more and more attention for applications in various fields of construction and repair work.

To date, 3D panels are fresh neizbity decision to give style and refined elegance concise any modern interior. If you are also concerned with the search for new solutions in the decoration of their homes, want something practical and unusual, you should also pay attention to the three-dimensional finish and buy 3d plaster panels. In Europe, have long appreciated the convenience and aesthetic appearance of finishing materials. And the people of European countries have long used these panels to set off and decorate the interior design new forms in the trendy 3D format. Naturally, since the Europeans simply obsessed with security, and in choosing the decor of their homes, they prefer only safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials and details. Those details are gypsum and 3D panel.

The most modern design, gives a unique and original finish premises, may be called 3d panel. 3d technique that creates a three-dimensional drawings and images gained popularity recently. But quickly began to gain momentum in popularity in various fields and industries. The same revolutionary changes came in the world of interior design. Appearing on the CIS market relatively recently, 3d wall panels found a buyer. After all, people are always looking for something unusual and want something to stand out, even in such a matter as the home decoration.

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