Interior partitions

Interior partitions & nbsp; a godsend for those who are in need of a temporary division of space. The difference between the walls of the load-bearing walls is in the & nbsp; easy mobility. With their help, you can divide the space of the room into separate areas, or even a full room. & Nbsp; With the use of & nbsp; these partitions can safely change the sizes of rooms or even interior design. In principle, the basic requirements for such walls have the strength and mobility, which means not very heavy. & Nbsp; The thickness of the partitions may be different, it all depends on the manufacturer and the buyer, if the space allows the use of thick walls, you can safely use them, but the weight of such partitions is greater. Choosing an interior partition, is taken into account and the possible movement frequency of this design. Designs have monolithic, they are intended for permanent installation, but there are collapsible, transforming. Such partitions are convenient for time-sharing facilities.

Of special talk about the interior of the lattice. It's a beautiful solution to change the interior. They do not look as monumental and their surface is not monolithic, like partitions. Grid rather play the role of a decorative than practical. However, they may be quite functional. They can often accommodate different elements of decor - lamps, photo frames. They can also be used as a shelf for books or & nbsp; the same vases

To create a unique aesthetic point of view, the design can be used in interior design and decorative partitions. The main purpose to decorate the room. However, if they are designed in one style & nbsp; with the design of the room, then it can not be just an element of decoration, and it is a functional part of the room. They can be separated bed & nbsp; in the studio apartment, or they themselves had to fence off the kitchen area from the living room. They do not have door openings and are not in a closed perimeter areas, and such baffles may be mobile or stationary. & Nbsp; Another element separating rooms have decorative lattice. They can be made & nbsp; in stained glass style and not necessarily designed in a similar style to the decor of the room. These gratings can act an independent part of the interior, his accent, which is already underway binding design work in the design of the room. Also, these gratings can be a contrasting color with respect to the interior, and thus on the game of contrasts, the design will look especially stylish and original. Interestingly & nbsp; & nbsp look in the interior space; 3d partitions. Their three-dimensional shapes create the effect of "living" forms and really freshen the room. They can speak and decorative ornaments, and it is a functional element of the decoration of the room. The use of such partitions 3d enables communication of various areas of the room in one stylish unit, even taking into account the fact that the partition may be different, but & nbsp; correspond to a single design concept. & Nbsp; 3d partitions can be bought on the company website & nbsp; WallDi.

In addition, our company's experts can undertake the 3d partition manufacturing customized client. Customers can choose not only the color and size of such a decor element, but & nbsp; and relief. For residents of the capital, buy 3d & nbsp; partitions Kiev this possibility comes down to visit the company's website WallDi where & nbsp; in addition to the directory with the product range, there are contact details of the company. The same opportunity is for those who are interested in finding 3d partition Ukraine. Specialists & nbsp; WallDi & nbsp; to quickly contact you and help you place your order.


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