Gypsum 3D panel "Petals"

Panel Size: 500x190x60 mm

Number of panels per 1 m2: 18 pcs.


Plaster 3D panel - an environmentally friendly and highly practical material.

 Depending on the nature of the possible seam and seamless installation.

During installation, our experts can join the panel at any angle and make virtually no visible transition from wall to wall or ceiling. It will also prepare technical holes and mounting pads for the most accurate sockets, switches, lamps, etc.

  3D gypsum panels can be different kinds of paints are painted in any colour chosen by the client. Additionally, the panel can be decorated varying degrees of gloss paints, decorative plaster, mother of pearl.

 In the case of bulk gypsum panels in wet areas or on the street, we apply the plaster with a specially developed by us hydrophobic additives, which makes absolutely moisture-resistant gypsum.

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