3D MDF panels "Expression" (Code: )

Our company produces 3D MDF panels for all types of premises, starting with libraries and ending with nightlife. We can always provide exactly the model 3D MDF panels that you need due to the polished production which was made to meet the design needs of the client.


The classical model of  3D MDF panels number 004 fits perfectly into the interior of office premises, such as libraries and reading rooms, schools, universities and ets. It has the form of a regular pattern of diamond-shaped mesh with rounded corners.


You can choose different types of 3D MDF panels by selecting the appropriate PVC film, whether it glossy from 0 to 100 gloss, or semi-matt. You can also create the effect of light abrasions, using a 3D MDF panels “special visual effects”.


One of the main 3D MDF panel’s advantage is its efficiency. Installing 3D MDF panels for walls do not require pretreatment walls, cleaning it from wallpaper, plaster.  3D MDF panel always hides under itself  all wall’s drawbacks.


Also, 3D panel (the price of which guarantees savings) is additional soundproofing mean due to the air layer. This is invaluable feature for schools.

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