Introducing an innovative product for the decoration of modern interiors: decorative 3d wall panels "Chord". The model is a gentle son-gray with a light pattern of the air curls. Volumetric wavelength that is decorated panel, providing a relaxing setting: they resemble the great old tree bark or light waves on the water surface. To realize the dream of a quiet bedroom or living room a refined, order 3d panel "033" and you'll have to talk to all the guests about where you can buy such beauty.


How to use 3d panel in the interior


We offer several options for the use of panels of "Chord":


• in the case of buying panels with horizontal pattern, you can "extend" any small room. Even arrange the room in part, you will achieve the visual effect of the expansion of space;

• decorative wall panels "Chord" with the vertical direction of the pattern perfectly "stretched" the wall. This is true for rooms with low ceilings. However, do not recommend this way of decorating bathrooms and toilets;

• If you want a unique decor, we are ready to offer you a diagonal or angle pattern. Panel with such great waves decorate hallways, living rooms and dining rooms.


To get detailed advice about the use of designer 3d panels for walls "Chord" call and make an appointment in our showroom.


Additional benefits


High quality and reasonable prices - that's the motto under which produced our goods. To cooperate with Walldi proved fruitful for each client, we take care of:


• Wide range of colors;

• Extra glossy shade;

• the presence of the most "running" the size (thickness slabs of 19 to 38 mm, the size of the parties 1,2h2,8 m).


Buying 3d panels for kitchen or bathroom, mention it in your order - for rooms with high humidity model "Chord" we are made of water-resistant MFD. If you need to decorate the nursery or bedroom, in which case an additional useful effect of "starry sky". Our 3d panels fit not only for city apartments, but also for solid country houses. The proposed model can paste over PVC film with the texture of your choice. The most popular among owners of cottages are decorated panel "under the tree."

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