If you want to fresh up your walls, give them personality, 3D MDF panels named "Wave" will help you to achieve your desires. We offer MDF panel 3D made from exclusive high quality materials: MDF, wood veneer, etc. 3D MDF panel "Wave" is most often used as wall decor in the rooms in both production and domestic purposes. Parameters of pattern, color, texture and size of 3D MDF panels – everything is determined by the customer, according to the requirements of the design space.

Size and direction of patterns on MDF panel 3d customer specifies by desire. Production technologies allow to place it at any angle, and stretch on the block or vice versa narrow. Before the client agrees to buy 3D MDF panels, our managers will find out what kind of structure should have the pattern of 3D MDF panel.

The same applies to the color and texture of 3D panel, the price of which varies depending on the choice of coating and the type of coloring. Basic, the most popular of them - a "gloss", the degree of which is determined from 0 to 100, or "silky floor mat." Perhaps the use of additional visual solutions using PVC film, produced with different effects.

The size and thickness of 3D MDF panels for the walls is determined by the on the basis of the size of the room. The maximum size may reach its 1200h2800 mm thickness varies from 19 to 38 mm.

By contacting us, you can rest assured that all your wishes will be considered and implemented in full.

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