In order to dispel the dull atmosphere in the room and create an original interior design, perfectly suited unconventional design solutions, such as 3D furniture fronts . A very intriguing title, is not it? This new art design is becoming increasingly popular, especially among fans of avant-garde style. The essence of innovation is that the outer part of the furniture is made by various 3D designs, which combined together create original volume figures. Due 3D facades man can give new life to old furniture, as well as a very creative and unusual to decorate your office or home.

Create 3D facades allows the imagination to realize the most courageous and creative solutions. Facades can be made not only in different color variations, but also using a variety of graphic techniques and original ways of finishing, to create different three-dimensional pattern. Customers are offered a buy two basic variations of 3D facades - covered with matte or glossy base. For connoisseurs of natural materials have a unique opportunity to order a pre-raw lacquer coating.

The most original interpretation of 3D facades are considered three-dimensional pattern light shades that allow to soften a room and do not focus on unnecessary details. For a more rigorous classical style often choose dark patterns that perfectly complement any furniture and create comfort in the room.

Laboratory design will help to realize any customer requests for the establishment of a pattern of the original 3D furniture fronts. The customer can always place an order for the facades of ready-made designs and sketches. Either WallDi experts will create a totally new and unique design of 3D elements, which, for example, can be engraved with your company name or other desired pattern. Very often, 3D elevations are purchased for the original decoration bedroom or living room - 3D patterns can be set on chest of drawers, cabinets, suites. Clients WallDi are also the owners of restaurants, bars and other public places that are able to create an individual style of your room with 3D facades. This makes them more recognizable and popular.

The famous 3D facades can be made for the old antique furniture - this solution is suitable for those people who appreciate the combination of minimalism and conservatism. These patterns are usually made with all the features retro furniture. A customer can order a 3D patterns of different thicknesses, which can be used for a particular furniture. To obtain a volume of furniture is recommended to opt for overall facades, the thickness of which reaches twenty millimeters. It should also pay attention to the fact that the parameters of the thickness depends on the depth of the pattern created by the production and material.

Before the buyer to determine the thickness of the 3D picture, it certainly provided value of the product, since it is from such a setting the depth of the bulk of the facade depends on the price of the product. If the facade is made to order, it takes into account all the nuances and requirements of the customer, including the thickness of the future of design elements - all these questions necessarily negotiated before placing your order. If a customer has any difficulty with the choice of any parameters, experts WallDi happy to help and advise the most suitable option.

In Ukraine, the 3D original interpretation of facades customers can buy at very attractive prices, calling the phone numbers listed on the website WallDi. Decorate your 3D furniture fronts, the client will forever change the way your thinking and give freedom to your imagination!

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