3D MDF panels - producer prices!

MDF panels - production in Kiev - delivery all over Ukraine or wold wide!

3D MDF panels - are a new product on the market of finishing materials, which turns ordinary interiors in an exclusive and amazing places.

Use of the material in the room helps to get rid of boring planes. Volumetric wall will become the center of your interior will create an interesting and subtle atmosphere.

Wall panels from the company «WallDi»:

innovative product - carrying an element of innovation, different from anything that exists in the market.

demanded product - people need;

quality product - meets the highest quality requirements.

Company «WallDi» offers architects, designers, builders and decorators to use our products to meet the demands of the most discerning customers.

Decorative embossed panel used in the design of design:

premises (library, living room, fireplace, home theater, children's rooms, bedrooms, etc.);

restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, casinos;

shopping centers, shops, boutiques, showrooms, sales offices;

cinema, television, theater studios, concert halls;

offices, conference rooms, courts, libraries, schools, museums, airports, banks;

backgrounds for aqueous compositions, winter gardens.

Manufacturing technology of 3D decorative panels MDF allows us to offer customers unique products, unparalleled in the world. Creating a relief on the MDF is carried out on CNC machines, followed by individual quality control. Finishing products and over coating is done manually.

Used for the production of only the best materials: high quality MDF panels, plywood, veneer of valuable wood, PVC film, cell opening and enamel paint coatings, non-toxic glues.

High quality materials and coatings, use of modern technology and strict control at every stage of production provides a durable, long-lasting products.

Decorative wall panels perfectly hide all the irregularities of the walls, and it does not require pre-treatment of the walls - cleaning of old wallpaper or paint, alignment, putty, and similar works. So - there is a real chance to save both time and money.

Decorative wall panels - easy wiring.

Under decorative wall panels can be laid wiring and telephone wires, antenna, internet cables and the like. This allows in many cases to do without preparing walls.

Decorative wall panels - good sound insulation.

Under the wall panels is always a layer of air, which dampens the sounds, which increases the sound insulation premises without the use of additional materials.

Decorative wall panels - easy installation

When installing the panels do not require special tools and equipment. Wall panels are installed on the mounting brackets or directly on the wall with an adhesive (a small area).

In the first type connection panel tightly joined to each other and form a single image. Wall panels are not only easy to install but also easy to remove. With careful handling, you can use them repeatedly.

Decorative wall panels - ease of care.

When caring for wall panels you save yourself from the tedious process of cleansing the walls - wall panels MDF enough once a month with a damp cloth or any detergent that does not contain abrasives. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.

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